5 Tips To Rejuvenate Your Skin


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Do wrinkles have started to form on your skin? Is your skin beginning to look dull? Our skin naturally loses its firmness and youthful appearance because of aging and other factors. Although saggy skin can happen in almost any part of the body, it’s more commonly noticed in areas such as:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Abdomen
  • Arms

What Causes Sagging Skin?

  • Weight Loss. Extra weight for an extended period can cause damage to the elastin fibers and collagen in your skin. If you go through significant weight loss in a short period of time, saggy skin may appear; this can happen especially after procedures like bariatric surgery.
  • Pregnancy. Some degree of saggy and loose skin is common around your abdomen after pregnancy, especially in women with twins or triplets. Your age when becoming a mother also plays an important role.
  • Aging. As time goes by, your skin naturally loses collagen and elastin, two essential proteins for healthy skin. Elastin gives elasticity to your skin and provides firmness and tightness. These proteins can also be deteriorated by other factors, such prolonged sun exposure, cigarette smoking, environmental contaminants, and poor nutrition.


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What Causes Dull Skin?

If your skin has been looking lackluster, it could be for several different reasons:

  • Excess Of Dead Skin Cells. Your skin sheds dead cells regularly to make way for new cells, but sometimes dead cells don’t shed correctly. Instead, they build up on your skin’s surface and, as a result, the skin goes dry and dull.  
  • Lack Of Moisturizer. Moisturizing helps to protect the skin’s barrier from irritation. It also helps to reduce the development of dryness, creating a barrier between your skin and the climate, including cold, dry air that can further dry out skin.
  • Tobacco Abuse. Smoking can affect collagen production and damage the elastic fibers in your skin. It can also increase stress in skin cells, accelerating the aging process and contributing to dull skin.
  • Dehydration. If you are not drinking enough water (at least 1.5 liters daily), the appearance of your skin can be affected. Drinking enough water boosts hydration on your skin layers.
  • Aging. The aging process is something that we can’t control. Still, you can adopt a skincare routine that provides your skin with the hydration to stay healthy and glowing.



Can Sagging, Dull Skin Be Reversed?

Yes! You can surely improve the appearance of your skin with the help of different methods:

Topical Treatments. Skin tightening creams and lotions containing ingredients such as retinol (vitamin A), collagen, hyaluronic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, and vitamin C.

Exercise. Saggy skin on the body caused by weight loss or pregnancy can be improved through exercise. Any movement that builds muscle mass can reduce the look of sagging, for example:

  • Weight lifting. Working out with machines or resistance bands helps increase muscle mass.
  • Pilates. Pilates consists of controlled movements to tighten your body’s legs, arms, and chest.

Skin-Tightening SerumsPB Serum is a powerful treatment that uses bioactive enzymes with active ingredients that act selectively against various pathologies, like dull skin and cellulite, among others.

Exfoliation. Including exfoliation in your skin care routine is important to achieve a glowing complexion. It helps smooth and polish your skin, stimulating collagen production.

Daily Sunscreen. By blocking and absorbing UV rays, sunscreen helps prevent sunburns, aging, and even skin cancer.



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The five tips we have given to you for skin rejuvenation can lead to a healthier looking skin, but if you want quicker results for your dull or saggy skin we recommend our latest and unique beauty technology, Scarlet SRF.


Scarlet SRF (Bipolar Radiofrequency): The Latest Technology To Rejuvenate Your Skin

What Is Scarlet SRF? 

Scarlet SRF is a system that combines two of the most effective anti-aging procedures: Microneedling with Radiofrequency. This technology applies short-wave radio frequency below the superficial layer of the skin through microneedles that stimulate collagen production.

What Does Scarlet SRF Microneedling Do?

  • Rejuvenates Your Skin. It tightens and lifts your skin, leaving it smooth and glowy.
  • Minimizes scars. It fades wrinkles on your forehead around your mouth and eyes. 
  • Improves Your Skin Health. Scarlet also treats conditions such as varicose veins, acne, stretch marks, rosacea among others.


Before and after Scarlet SRF – Bipolar Radiofrequency


Scarlet SRF Microneedling is the latest cosmetic treatment to safely and quickly remove facial and body sagginess. Here are some frequently asked questions about this aesthetic technology.

Is Scarlet SRF Painful?

No, patients experience no pain.  

How Long Does Scarlet SRF Last?

The results can last from six months to a year, depending on your general skin condition and other procedures to maintain and boost your appearance.  

How Many Sessions Are Needed For Scarlet SRF Microneedling?

For optimal results, between three and four treatments are recommended.

How Long Does A Scarlet SRF Session Take?

For small areas (like the neck or chest), the session can take ten to twenty minutes. It may take between thirty minutes to an hour for larger body areas.

How Should I Prepare For My Scarlet Session?

  • No makeup.
  • Don’t use any moisturizers or perfumes. 
  • Avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages and anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes. Wear loose clothing that can be easily removed.

There are many ways to rejuvenate your skin and restore its natural healthy look. And the best part is that you don’t have to go through surgery or use harsh chemicals. With the help of state-of-the-art technology, you can achieve beautiful skin in no time at all. Get started today! Our team of specialists will help you achieve tighter, younger-looking skin using the latest technology available. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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