Body, Mind, And Spirit: Setting Goals For 2022


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Although each day that we have is an opportunity to be better and give a positive turn to our lives, it is undeniable that starting a new year marks a discovery from which we can motivate and mentalize ourselves to leave bad habits behind and move towards our goals and purposes.

With this in mind, we want to give you some tips of how you can create a wellness lifestyle for the coming year:


Build Good And Healthy Relationships

Our parents, siblings and friends are a fundamental part of who we are, because thanks to our relationship with them we learn a large number of life lessons that allow us to interact in various social settings, deal with our emotions, solve problems and also enjoy smiling and being happy.

Having issues with these very important people in life can cause us to fall into a negative state of mind and fill us with stress and worry, which considerably affects our peace and well-being. Therefore, the best thing is to reconcile and build good relationships that give us the strength, support and experience from which we can all grow together.

Build Good And Healthy Relationships


Start Saving

It is never too late or early to start with this habit that, without a doubt, is essential to have peace of mind in the future. Increasing your wealth and having a pension fund are two things that we must take into account when we are young, because we are not only making sure to have a good future when it comes to money, but we are also saving ourselves from multiple worries that can have an impact on our wellbeing.

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Get An Annual Medical Check-Up

As we grow old, our body changes, so it is essential to adopt good exercise and healthy eating habits, in addition to attending a routine annual check-up with the doctor to detect diseases that are more prevalent when we reach a certain age.

Dr. Daniela Gutiérrez, Dermatologist & Trichologist


Maintain a Healthy Weight And Take Care Of Your Image

Believe it or not, having a good appearance helps you relate better with others and opens many doors for you; beyond vanity, it gives you the necessary confidence and self-esteem to achieve your goals.

Remember that after 30 our metabolism begins a slowdown that even with diet and exercise can make us gain more weight, so it is a good idea to put a special effort into it.



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If you are currently overweight and you cannot reduce sizes no matter how hard you try, can’t get rid of cellulite or feel that your skin is starting to sag, you can try a variety of treatments, such as weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) or fat-freezing (cryolipolysis), among others.


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At Bellphoria we believe that a healthy lifestyle means having a state of complete mental, physical and spiritual well-being. If you are already setting your goals for 2022, make sure to have all these into consideration. Start the coming year looking and feeling your best with Bellphoria! Call us today to learn more about our services or visit us at NewCity Medical Plaza (29th floor).

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