Nutrition Counseling

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition helps patients that suffer from health problems in which a balanced diet is part of their treatment. It also advises on the prevention of diseases linked to poor nutrition. 

Who Can Benefit From Clinical Nutrition Counseling?

Patients who have or are at risk of suffering – due to their habits or genetic predisposition:

Metabolic diseases

Overweight and obesity

Digestive diseases

Cosmetic Nutrition

Esthetic nutrition focuses on providing personalized meal plans to help individuals achieve their weight goals in a healthy manner while caring for their overall well-being. Additionally, it complements various aesthetic treatments, such as body sculpting, to enhance their results.

Who Can Benefit from Esthetic Nutrition Counseling?

Individuals looking to reach their weight goals in a healthy way while maintaining optimal health, and those wishing to enhance the results of their aesthetic treatments.

Pre and Post Cosmetic Treatments

Functional Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition focuses on providing tailored meal plans to the specific needs of athletes and active individuals, with the aim of enhancing their athletic performance and optimizing their overall health. Additionally, it offers nutritional guidance for injury prevention and optimal recovery post-exercise

Who Can Benefit from Sports Nutrition Counseling?

Professional athletes, amateur sports enthusiasts, and active individuals seeking to enhance their physical performance, maintain a healthy body composition, and maximize their post-exercise recovery.

Maximize Performance

Training and Recovery