Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition helps patients that suffer from health problems in which a balanced diet is part of their treatment. It also advises on the prevention of diseases linked to poor nutrition. 

Who Can Benefit From Clinical Nutrition Counseling?

Patients who have or are at risk of suffering – due to their habits or genetic predisposition:

  • Metabolic diseases. Hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.
  • Overweight and obesity. Excessive accumulation of body fat, with a BMI (Body Mass Index) between 25 – 29+.
  • Digestive diseases. Constipation, pancreatitis, colitis, kidney failure, diarrhea, bloating, irritable bowel, celiac disease, and lactose intolerance, among others.

Pre & Post Bariatric Surgery Nutrition

The nutritional treatment of bariatric patients is a fundamental part of the weight loss process before and after they undergo surgeries such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and mini-gastric bypass, among others.

Who Can Benefit From Bariatric Nutrition Counseling?

Patients who are about to undergo weight loss or bariatric surgery, who will need a:

  • Preoperative diet. It prepares the patient for surgery, aiming to reduce surgical risk and help the postoperative recovery process.
  • Postoperative diet. It allows the stomach to heal without food affecting the surgery and get used to the new portions that it will receive. In addition, it aims to form new habits so that the patient maintains a constant and sustainable rate of weight loss in the long term when the final goal is reached.

Nutrition Consulting For Cosmetic Treatments

Nutrition as a complement in non-surgical cosmetic treatments helps maximize the results and incorporate habits that allow the patients to maintain their effectiveness in the long term. This assessment starts with an accurate evaluation that allows identifying which treatments are more convenient according to the characteristics and goals of the patient. 

Who Can Benefit From Nutrition Consulting For Cosmetic Treatments?

People interested in starting a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, who wish to obtain a complimentary follow-up to optimize the results of: