Fat Freezing – Cooltech


Cooltech is a medical device that freezes and removes body fat, achieving a 20-30% reduction in the treated area with cryolipolysis, that is, by applying a controlled cooling source (which can go down to -8°C).

This innovative system allows two applicators to be used simultaneously in one treatment, which provides extraordinary results from the first session.


What does it do? Benefits of Fat Freezing with Cooltech:




    What areas of the body are suitable for Cooltech (Cryolipolysis) to be applied?



    • Legs
    • Abdomen
    • Arms
    • Back
    • Buttocks
    • Under-chin




    The Cooltech technology is one of the most effective to reduce measurements and shape your body quickly and without surgery. Here, we answer are some of the most common questions about fat freezing:

    How many sessions are needed?

    The number of sessions will be determined after a little evaluation in the area you want to treat; it could be 2 to 5 sessions between 6 to 8-week intervals.

    Is the procedure painful?

    The treatment is very tolerable. The vast majority of patients usually only feel discomfort during the first minutes of the session due to the cold.

    When will I be able to see the results?

    The changes will start being noticeable after 15 days from your first session.

    How long does the session last?

    The procedure lasts approximately 60 minutes.

    Is recovery time needed?

    No, the Cooltech treatment does not require recovery time. You will be able to return to your daily activities after your session without any problem.

    How should I prepare for my Cooltech session (Fat Freezing – Cryolipolysis)?