How To Safely Remove Your Halloween Makeup


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Spooky season it’s here! Halloween is just around the corner and everyone wants to slay with the best Halloween costumes, from a gothic skull to a princess and why not, even a zombie look. Your Halloween makeup can be as exotic, spooky or glamorous as you want: Face paint, rhinestones, glitter, prosthetics… It’s all fun and games until it’s time to remove everything!


Some Halloween makeup may contain unsafe chemicals or ingredients that can cause rashes and irritation to your skin, but don’t worry! We’ll give you some tips to maintain your face free of scary skin conditions this season.


How To Remove Liquid Latex, Silicone, Wax & Prosthetic Pieces 

When removing your halloween makeup, be sure to be gentle. If you are struggling to peel off layers of liquid latex or silicone, you can use a makeup-remover called isopropyl myristate, just put some in a cotton pad and slowly begin to remove everything; after doing this, we recommend you to use an oil based cleaner.



How To Remove Face Paint, Greasepaints & Cremes 

Most of these products are waterproof, meaning they repel water, making it a little more difficult to be removed. The best way to get rid of this type of makeup is to use an oil based cleanser. Saturate the area where you need to and work it in with your fingertips to massage everything away.



How To Remove Fake Blood  

Some brands of fake blood will come off very easily with the help of just warm water, but others may need a few more steps to be removed without leaving stains on your skin. Products like petroleum jelly, baby oil, coconut oil or olive oil are great for this purpose (make sure to use a pad or cotton ball so that the fake blood doesn’t transfer to your fingertips). If the stains are stubborn, leave the oil-based product for an extended period of time. Clean and dry your face afterwards.



How To Remove Glitter 

Glitter is beautiful but, if not handled carefully, it can create a mess by spreading everything. Chances are that if you used it in your eyelids, you also got it on your cheeks, nose, and probably your hair, too. To remove glitter from your face, you can use an oil based cleanser to gently swipe it off. Be careful not to inhale it or let it get in touch with your eyes.



Dealing with taking your Halloween makeup off doesn’t need to be stressful. When the day is over and it’s time to get ready to go to bed, patience will be your best friend in this process. As you’ve surely noticed, there are various things in common when it comes to removing different types of products:


Let’s Wrap It Up! 

  • Remove all prosthetics and embellishments like rhinestones, as well as things like face chins or noses, along any other accessories.
  • Soften the makeup with an oil-based cleanser.
  • Wash your face, being specially gentle in areas like your eyes and hairline.
  • Use a light exfoliating scrub to remove any remaining makeup. Rinse.
  • Hydrate your skin with the help of a moisturizer.


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If you did a lot of halloween makeup looks this season and had to repeatedly take it off without much time to do a complete skin care routine, then you might need more than just a regular at-home cleansing. At Bellphoria, we have the best facial treatments to clean, soothe and bring the glow back:



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