5 winter skincare tips for dry skin


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Winter season is a favorite for many reasons; the holidays, the Christmas break, cold weather outfits, comfy PJs, Starbucks hot beverages, and everything nice. But it also means the season of allergies, feeling cold, chapped lips, hand and knee cramps, the constant use of sanitizers, and our topic of the day: dry skin.

When dew points and humidity drops, the air’s dryness goes up, the low temperatures make your skin lose its ability to hold the moisture in, causing it to evaporate and leave you with a dry sensation.

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Your skincare routine and products should change with the season as it has different needs now than it did in the summer. Here we are about to break down our dermatologist’s tips to relieve dry skin.

1. Use A Rich Moisturizer That Provides Instant And Long-Term Hydration

To be able to handle the cold temperatures, you’ll need a thicker moisturizer. Leave the lotions behind and search for a cream or ointment for your skin type. You can put on a deeply hydrating serum first and then seal it with your moisturizer.

2. Moisturize Multiple Times A Day

Since your skin’s moisture will be evaporating throughout the day, you’ll need to re-apply it each time to keep it protected. Start your day with a good coat, and every time you feel like it has worn-off, put on some more. This will help to avoid conditions created by dry skin such as **

moisturize multiple times

3. Use Fragrance-Free, Gentle Products For Your Skin

We might love the scent of our skincare products like creams, lotions, deodorants, and cleansers, but you should know that some of the components on their formulas might be doing more harm than good due to the alcohol often used in them. Since your skin is more sensitive during low temperatures, it can cause a bad reaction.

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4. Don’t Forget The Lips

The skin on the lips is thinner than the rest of our bodies, and even under a face mask, the cold weather can affect it. Chapped lips can be hurtful and even start to bleed. To avoid this, remember always to carry a moisturizing lip balm and use it frequently.

moisturizing lips

5. Change Your Habits

While all you want to do during winter is to chill by the fireplace and take long hot showers, these might be contributing to the damage. Instead, try to shower for under 10 minutes and use body cleansing oil to fortify the skin moisture barrier. Also, don’t stand directly in front of a source of heat since it can make your skin even drier.


By following these tips, you should get some relief on your skin and be finally ready to enjoy the whole season while rocking a healthy look. If you don’t see a change and still suffer from it, you can schedule an appointment with our dermatologist to get personalized treatment and a checkup since dry skin can also be a sign of different conditions.

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