Why visit a med spa in Tijuana?

At Bellphoria, our focus is your wellness. This is why, in addition to our aesthetic medicine services, we offer treatments from a medical spa to optimize your results or relax a bit. Rest is essential for our health, as it prevents early aging, improves our memory, and helps maintain good spirits and energy, among other […]

Why plastic surgery in Tijuana?

Plastic surgery is a surgical treatment that helps us improve our physical aspects to achieve the aesthetic vision of ourselves that we want. Plastic surgery includes procedures that, by their nature, are complex. This is why choosing an excellent plastic surgeon, such as one of our specialized doctors at Bellphoria, is vitally important. What factors […]

Why bariatric surgery in Tijuana?

Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective surgical procedures for weight loss, guaranteeing 70% reduction in body mass. People resort to this type of surgery when being overweight affects their health or complicates previous diseases, putting them at risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, sleep apnea, respiratory infections and even, in […]

Why dermatology treatments in Tijuana?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. It requires special care and attention since, being on the surface, it is more prone to getting damaged or contracting infections. Dermatology is a specialty of medicine that deals with the study of human skin, hair, and nails, and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases […]

Being healthy is being beautiful

As time goes by, we find details in our appearance that we would like to improve or restore. It can be small things such as expression lines on our face or more complex conditions like overweight problems. Regardless of the case, it is essential to know that today there are numerous options in treatments dedicated […]

Tijuana: The world’s capital of medical tourism

You may have heard about “Medical Tourism,” but do you know what it means? It consists of traveling to another city or country to receive health treatments; this type of activity, is globally popular because it offers the same quality of medical services that the patient would receive in their country of origin, but at […]