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There’s a new word in the social media beauty trends called skin cycling, and its hashtag has more than 142.5 million views on TikTok. For better or worse, Instagram and TikTok are becoming a hub for beauty tips or skincare routines. There is no limit on ideas and claims from ingredients to new techniques.


If you want to know how a skin cycling routine works and if it is safe and medically approved, our experienced dermatologist Dr. Orly Cheirif will tell you what you must know about.



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What Is Skin Cycling?

As The process and concept are merely a TikTok trend. At the same time, the term skin cycling is new; it was formulated by Whitney Bowe, MD, a certified dermatologist from New York City, whose skin cycling TikTok post has more than 2.1 million views. In short terms, it is a simple skincare routine that allows your skin to rest during the week to achieve enough time to repair after using determined skincare products.

It’s a term used to describe how products are applied to the skin. It can also help prevent irritation or inflammation.

“The classic skin cycling regimen is a four-night cycle. The first is the exfoliation night, the second is a retinoid night, and the third and fourth are recovery nights, then you repeat the cycle”. Explains Dr. Whitney Bowe.


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How Is The Skin Cycling Routine?

Here are the four routine steps:


  • The first night (exfoliation). On the first night, you will cleanse and pat dry, then exfoliate, which takes off all the dead skin cells from your skin. There is a reason for exfoliating first since the other products will perform more effectively because they can go deep into the skin in a controlled way. Then you will need moisture. 


 “While exfoliation may improve the look of your skin, if you do it incorrectly or do it too frequently, it can lead to redness and irritation,” says Dr.Orly. Another tip from our experienced dermatologist is to use chemical exfoliants instead of physical scrubs since they are more gentle.


  • The second night (retinoids). Before applying, be sure to cleanse and pat dry. For those sensitive to retinoids, it’s a good idea to moisturize the sensitive areas, like the corners of your nose or under your eyes, before adding it. The second night is focused on retinoids, which contain derivates with vitamin A that help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. “Retinoids are good to include in your skin cycling routine, but they can be very irritating when you introduce them or if you have sensitive skin,” says Dr. Orly. 


Before applying, be sure to cleanse and pat dry. For those sensitive to retinoids, it’s a good idea to moisturize the sensitive areas, like the corners of your nose or under your eyes, before adding it.


  • Third and fourth night (recovery). On those nights, focus on nourishing and repairing your skin. The third and fourth days are for resting your skin, which is essential to protect your moisture barrier. “Hold on to the exfoliating acids and retinoids and give your skin a chance to rest. Think in hydration and moisture,” says our dermatologist


After the fourth night, go back to the beginning of the cycle and repeat.



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Is Skin Cycling Safe?

 Dr. Orly Cheirif says that this four-day routine may work, and many dermatologists approve it. However, it is only ideal for some skin types! For example, exfoliation twice a week can be too irritating for many people, so what is the best you can do if you are looking to achieve your aesthetic goals? You should talk to our dermatologists; Dr. Orly can look at your skin and determine the routine that suits you the best.



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Skin cycling may be dermatologist-approved. However, remember that everyone has a different skin type. The best for you to achieve your aesthetic goals is to visit our experienced team of dermatologists to see which skin type you have and determine which skincare routine suits you the best. Contact us to schedule an appointment!   

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