Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Revision Weight Loss Surgery is performed in patients who have previously undergone a gastric bypass but have regained weight afterwards.

Over time, the connection between the pouch (also known as gastric bag) and the intestine may dilate, reducing its effect on satiety; this may cause the patient to want to eat large portions of food again.

Revision Weight Loss Surgery aims to repair and reduce the volume and diameter of the pouch and maintain the effect of satiety in the patient; therefore, the patient will consume smaller portions of food and will be able to continue losing weight as a consequence.

Mini Gastric Bypass

The Mini Gastric Bypass is a simplified version of the Gastric Bypass Surgery. In essence, they are very similar, since both imply the creation of an elongated gastric bag that connects directly to the small intestine.

What is the main difference between the two? Instead of performing two joints (as in the traditional gastric bypass, between the stomach and intestine, and between the jejunum and the ileum), only one is done in the mini bypass, making it much faster.