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All your information will be used for medical history purposes only.
There is no obligation by filling out this Health Questionnaire. Terms and Conditions only apply upon booking your surgery if you decide to do so.

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    Cardiovascular System
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    Endocrine System
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    Hepatic System
    Liver System problems or symptoms? (ie. fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver disease, etc.) *

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    Diet and Intake History
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    1. All information that you are required to provide with this Health Questionnaire, as well as any other medical information thereafter, is required to be truthful, complete, and accurate. If it is not accurate, the surgeon can cancel your surgery resulting in the loss of security deposit and all monies paid for the surgery.
    2. It is imperative that the height and weight reported on the Health Questionnaire be accurate. ALL patients are weighed and measured before surgery. If the BMI (Body Mass Index) at the time of surgery does not accurately reflect the height and weight reported on the Health Questionnaire, the surgeon(s) may exercise their right to forego the surgical procedure and any deposit made will be forfeited.
    3. If you decide to schedule your surgery, we reserve the right to be able to contact you via phone, email, and/or text. Any previous settings for those communication methods to be disabled will be overridden.

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    By Signing Electronically You Agree to the Terms: I understand that full disclosure is necessary to my medical safety. I acknowledge that I have provided all of my personal and medical history accurately.