Dr. Fernanda Díaz Rodriguez



Dr. Fernanda Díaz, a graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California as a general practitioner, has built a career devoted to enhancing beauty and well-being. During her internships at Hospital Regional No. 1 and Shriners Hospital, she garnered invaluable experience in general medicine. Currently, she’s immersed in a master’s program in regenerative, aesthetic, and anti-aging medicine, showcasing her commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the medical field.

Dr. Díaz has collaborated with several prestigious clinics in Tijuana, where she’s demonstrated her expertise as an aesthetic physician, specializing in procedures involving fillers, injectables, and hormonal therapy. Her unwavering dedication and genuine passion for aesthetic medicine set her apart as a standout professional in her field.


  • Active member of the International Society of Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation since 2022.

“My mission is to assist my patients in reclaiming their confidence and self-esteem while promoting health and well-being. I am devoted to delivering tailored and advanced treatments that bring out the very best in you.”